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Wallace and the Raging T's. Sounds like a name for a kids novel, or a old band, but it happens to be one of the biggest probelms this team has faced. And its getting worse...

Site Notes

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All I can do is smirk a little for the people that are screaming about how "Good" Jermaine turned out to be after being delt. Look, I know the PT has helped him, but Last night I saw the SAME exact guy I saw in most of the games that he played in a Blazer uni. But a lot of it has to be, that he is greatly helped by being the 4th option and playing in the east does not hurt as Well. Head to head, Davis won the battle, although it was a close match. In 24 minutes, Davis had 8 points, 6 rebounds, a Block and a few nice plays. Jermaines 7 points on 2-6 shooting 5 rebounds, as well as 4 fouls, and 3 turnovers Is right about what I expected. Its nice that Jermaine is playing well, and it is true that Dale Davis has not been used to his full potential. But even after all the pundits have panned the trade, I would STILL make it again today.

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Although I like reading about trade rumors, I usually do not like writing about them, as so many of them are nebulous, silly or down right impossible to comprehend why 1 or more teams would do that or even talk about it. No, as it has been stated In the past. 99% of stuff will never happen. So when the Rumors about Mutumbo and Shareef started popping up almost like clockwork, with a Blazers connection, I just smiled. Although I think Whittset is talking (he is ALWAYS talking) as of right now, I don't really see the Blazers making a move...unless a major blow up happens. If there is a deal too good to pass up, then it might happen, but those come along so rarely, and I think maybe Bob W may be a little more cautious about making a deal with the debacle the Kemp situation has become.

Am I saying that the Rumors that Dale Davis is likely or at least the Blazers trade bait are untrue? Bo, I am not, in fact, It would not surprise me in the least to see Dale Davis as the starting power forward on a team, likely an eastern one, at the beginning of next year. And I think it's possible that Bonzi IS being shopped to see what kind of offers/responses, per some of your e-mails I have gotten. Right now I just hope they give the team a little while to see how good they can be. And, if it is apparent come Feb, that this team will not be a top 4 team, or able to win in the West, then look for a trade, possibly a major one. But until then, like I said, takes the rumors, especially this year with a grain of salt. Too many of them are coming from the usual cast of suspects, and is often laughable. Be like me, sit back, watch the rumors that sometimes swirl about this team, and get a little chuckle, when guys like Vescey, S. Smith, Buker etc. spin tales of doom and gloom, just smile a bit.

Dont forget to go and see our good freind, the Hoopsworld the BEST FAN site o nthe net. the Owner, who has a link to this site on my Columns, is a good guy, knwlegable, and has a great looking setup for his site. So, if you want the BEST fan stuff, Excelent rumors, No bullshit, and ass kissing, go to's hoopsworld and check it out.

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Wallace on the All star Team?

Wallace is making another strong case for the All star team selection later this month, BUT will his technical fouls and stats get in the way. Possibly. The emergence of guys like Dirk Nowitzki, and some of the disparities in voting do not help him. Guys like Karl malone, being so far down, will get an automatic pass, and wallace had fallen to 4th in the Forward voting, with danger of going lower. The Coaches do not go strictly off the voting, but Sheed needs to step it up to make the all star team, because portland could be possibly leading the pacific division, the western confereance, and be one of the top teams in the NBA, and be shut out in the all star game, as happen ed i nthe past.